Services offered at Milestone Investment Management

Market results may be unpredictable, but our commitment to personalized service is not.

With over 40-years’ experience in banking and investment management, Michael Stone understands the most important thing an advisor can do is listen carefully to clients. At Milestone, we understand strategy and investments, but we want to understand you.

As an independent financial planning firm, we have the opportunity to offer objective financial guidance that isn’t tied to a specific product, and we take pride in our dedication to making each client feel cared for like a member of our own family. Market results may be unpredictable, but our commitment to personalized service is not.

We believe investing is a lifelong process. Whether you’re a family, individual, woman investor, or business owner, implementing consistent saving habits will enable you to become financially organized and help you work toward your future milestones. We think it’s imperative that our relationships with clients are built on trust, and we promise to always lead you towards smart financial management.

All investments contain a certain amount of risk. Our investment professionals at Milestone Investment Management will help you determine a sound tolerance for risk and design a comprehensive plan to help you work towards your financial goals. From there, we implement, monitor, and adjust with care. We also work closely with your other professional advisers to ensure that efforts are coordinated and complete.

Milestone Products & Services
Milestone Products & Services

We Help Individuals & Families Plan with Confidence for Retirement

Make a confident transition into retirement with proper planning, saving and investing. Milestone’s ongoing financial management and professional advice seeks to help you grow and preserve your assets through careful analysis of your situation. Our recommendations may include an accumulation and/or distribution strategy, and focus on generating predictable after-tax income to support your lifestyle throughout retirement.

We Address the Unique Needs of Women Investors

As a woman, you view money and investing differently. Your need for tailored financial guidance—in addition to planning considerations that account for longer life, potentially less earned income and fewer dollars saved for retirement—can be met at Milestone. Our goal is to help women determine options that may increase the odds of achieving and maintaining financial security later in life. Expect responsive relationships and clear explanations about financial matters when working with us, and enjoy the benefit of our experience creating custom strategies just for you.

Milestone Products & Services
Milestone Products & Services

Business Owners Benefit from Our Experience

Business owners face unique challenges, too, particularly as we march toward what experts are calling the ‘new economy’. Attempting to maintain revenues while navigating the political landscape, taxation, and health care system is burdensome to say the least.

Let us help you design a plan to protect your business, your employees and your future.

Discover the advantages of offering a company-sponsored retirement plan, and let our professionals help you navigate the myriad of choices in order to make the appropriate selection.

Implement a well-constructed, flexible financial strategy that grows as your business expands.

Get a No-Obligation Second Opinion

If you already work with a financial advisor, we will be happy to meet with you and provide a no-obligation second opinion. Let us show you how we can complement the existing relationships established with your tax and legal advisors to provide you, your business and your family with the tools needed to maintain and grow your financial position. Call us today at 770-830-0063 to set up an appointment.

Milestone Products & Services

  • Comprehensive financial planning for individuals, families, business owners, & women investors
  • Variable & fixed annuities
  • Tax-free investments
  • Employee retirement & deferred compensation plans for business owners
  • Wealth management, preservation & transfer strategies
  • Fee based accounts Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, Simple IRA & Educational IRA
  • Overall risk management utilizing life insurance, disability insurance & long-term care insurance strategies
  • Brokerage accounts
  • College savings plans
  • Portfolio management